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Helpful hints - information

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION - FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY (Not all information will necessarily apply to French Bulldogs)


Soap in the eye during bathing can cause an almost immediate infection. To prevent this, a small syringe (without needle) filled with mineral oil obtained at a pharmacy, is most convenient for this. Mineral oil is available at any pharmacy. Use a drop of mineral oil in each eye before bathing to prevent infection. Also use some mineral oil if you are in the woods, gardening, or going to the lake for a swim. Use it also if the pollen count is high and your dog's eyes seem runny in the morning. Remember, any discoloration of the eye drainage (yellow or greenish) usually means infection and should be treated with an ophthalmic antibiotic


Most of the infections in the ears are fungal. Ear infections can result if their ears are not checked and kept clean on a regular basis. Unchecked ear infections have been known to cause deafness.

Keep the hair on the inside of the ears groomed!!! Use a solution of hydrogen peroxide, cider vinegar, and clotramizole (an antifungal that can be found at the pharmacy in the foot care or feminine care section). If your dog has recently been bathed, and you give them a hug and notice a foul odor, it is invariably their ears!!

Ear Wash Recipe

1 - 12 oz bottle hydrogen peroxide

1 tube Clotramizole

2 tablespoons cider vinegar

Mix Clotramizole and vinegar on low speed in blender just until mixed. Add hydrogen peroxide. Mix on low speed for a count of ten. Store in airtight container.

COAT CARE (medium or long coated dogs only)

Keeping your dog groomed regularly is a MUST! Comb out their coat at least once a week. Alternatively you may wish to take them to a professional dog groomer.

Your new baby should be brushed and combed two to three times a week, making sure their ears are kept clean and their ears tips that get so dirty in their food bowl are wiped off. Some dogs will let me put their ears back with a girls hair scrunchy while they eat.

Scooting on the floor does not mean worms; it means that probably your dog has full anal sacks. Make sure you have this checked as this can lead to impacted anal glands, which makes a trip to the veterinarian necessary.

Bathe your new puppy in a gentle shampoo whenever you think they need a bath (I use Tre-Semme shampoo and conditioner on all my dogs and it leaves them looking great). Make sure you use mineral oil in their eyes before bathing!


Do not leave your puppy for long intervals without food. This can cause "Puppy Hypoglycemia"(low blood sugar) which can result in a seizure!!! Leave some dry puppy food down for them at all times. It helps with teething and makes sure that they have something down to eat if you are not available to feed them right away. When your new puppy comes home, they may be a little nervous, so a bit of chicken in their food to make it more desirable is OK. Make clean water available at all times. If your puppy should develop an upset tummy from eating some unknown item on the floor, or Dad has snuck the poor darling some of his snack, a teaspoon of Pepto-Bismol is a great tummy fix! Also if she/he develops some diarrhoea, try Pepto - Bismol or a little natural yoghurt, before making an expensive dash to the Vet.


Your puppy gets and loses two sets of teeth in the first year. It is no wonder they need to chew everything in sight! Provide them with lots of things that are healthy to chew on. Rawhide, pig's ears, your old shoe (let them know the old one is OK). Dogs chew on things that smell like you because they want to be near you. So when she chews up your shoe, she is simply saying "I missed you" and wanted you to be near me. You must forgive her then. After all, what is one shoe compared to a lifetime of love? Careful with the pig's ears, though. They can be fattening. Use Baby Oragel if your puppy seems very irritable with their teeth. A small bit rubbed on their gums can provide great relief.


Do not use any pesticide product on your puppy until they reach at least 10 pounds. Pesticides are poisons and as such can affect a small puppy adversely (potential liver problems). Keep your puppy free of pests by good bathing until they reach a decent weight. Do not use pesticides on a pregnant or lactating female! Discuss the right product that is convenient for you to use with your Vet. Make sure you use it regularly, for every one flea on your dog, there are 100 in your rug!

You must treat the entire house if you have a flea infestation. Fleas can cause tapeworms in your dog. A heavy flea problem can cause your dog to become anaemic. A serious tick infestation problem can cause "Canine Tick Paralysis", as well as a host of other tick born diseases. Keeping long grass mowed around your dog's territory will go a long way in the control of ticks.


Love your puppy with all your heart. Let your puppy know you are the "Alpha" dog in the house pack. But you are a benevolent leader, leading your dog and training your dog with love, firmness and patience. Do not spoil your dog by letting them have their way! This leads to a very unhappy dog. Dogs want to be a faithful companion to man. Their one love in life is to be at your side and do your bidding

This information is provided as an EXTRA to other details. It has been provided to me by an American Breeder and I make no claims to have tried any of the ‘recipes’ or to their efficacy.


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