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                                                               Welcome to Kementari French Bulldogs



Frankie RIP

Welcome to our home page.  We have bred dogs for many years.  However after acquiring a French Bulldog we are hooked. 

They are wonderful dogs.  If you wish to buy a dog you should always research the breed first.  There has been a lot of press about brachycephalic

breeds.  The potential breathing or other health problems.  

Short faced breeds may suffer from breathing problems.  This does not however mean that every short faced dog will suffer from all or any of these

problems.  Each dog is an individual.  They may or may not suffer from health problems.  This is true of any breed, even mongrels.  Contrary to

popular belief mongrels are not necessarily healthier than pure bred dogs.  

What however is true is that they can all suffer from problems during hot weather.  This is also true of many breeds not just short faced breeds. 

Overheating can kill!  During hot weather no dog should be walked excessive distances in the heat.  Dogs have been known to die.  It is important

that if your dog does overheat you know what to do.  Delay can cause death. 

We would always recommend that you insure your puppy once the free insurance period has expired.  I do not recommend any particular 

insurance company.  Shop around and only insure your dog for the things you want to cover.  Vets fees are essential.  Do not overpay for things 

you either do not need or do not require.  

Whilst we personally have never had problems with our dogs we do recognise some dogs may have health problems.  Ruby is fit and healthy

and walked between 5-6 miles the week before she gave birth to her babies.  She has suffered no breathing problems whatsoever.  All puppies

are sold after being vet checked.  When they leave they do so in the best of health.  

Moving to a new home and new family can be very stressful for a puppy which may cause things such as stomach upset.  It is best not to overwhelm

them.  Introduce them gradually and in a controlled environment.  This will help the puppy settle in more quickly and feel safe and secure.  

We do not breed very often.  Perhaps once or twice a year.  This is dependant on how many breeding bitches we have.  We currently only have one,

Ruby.  Ruby is now two years old and just had her first litter.  She is fit and healthy and unknown to the vet apart from having vaccinations.  She is 

a very kind gentle dog.  She is used to people of all ages, though she is quite shy when she first meets them.  She is trustworthy even with

children.  However, no dog is 100% safe and all dogs should be supervised with children.  


Jessie J is her mother.  Also a very happy and healthy girl.  Now retired from breeding.  



JessieJ named after a fairly famous pop star!  She is a black with minimal brindling.  Her mother is a black/white pied and father is a Blue.  She has              had her eye test and is clear from hereditary cataracts.  She is fit and healthy and has no known health problems.  

We do follow the recommendations of the Accredited Breeder Scheme - although I am no longer a member. 

If you decide to go on our list we prefer you visit us and the dogs at least once .  You then have the opportunity of seeing the dogs without the           distraction of babies.  We can then vet each other.  We would not sell you a dog if we do not believe you or your lifestyle was suitable for our babies.     French Bulldogs are very loving dogs.  They like nothing better than to sit on you and snore!  They thrive on attention and are clowns too.  They can          look quite formidable but are not as tough as they appear.

We would also recommend anyone buying a pup take them to training classes even if only to socialise.  They are strong dogs and need firm handling.

We would also urge people not to listen to 'gossip' if you have a question please feel free to ask.  Our dogs are much beloved pets and live with us in our home.  I only breed from dogs I believe are healthy dogs and would not breed any dog which I believed to be unhealthy either physically or mentally.  

We give a guarantee that should your circumstances change at any time throughout the puppy's lifetime and you find your dog we will do our best to assist.  We will either keep them or re-home to a thoroughly vetted home. 

Every puppy comes with the following:-

1.     5 generation pedigree;

2.     Kennel Club Registration (optional);

3.    Copies of any DNA testing or health certificates, if applicable;

4.   4 - 5 weeks free insurance;

5.    Puppy pack including a care sheet,diet sheet,notes on       

       training,socialisation (on our website) and a supply of food;

6.    Sales contract;

7.   First vaccination.

8.   Micro chipping usually included in price.

 The pups will have had a full worming course and have been vet checked at least once before they are available to go to their new homes.

Please feel free to email me on

Telephone (after 6pm please)  07532 203231

We are located in a quiet area of Caerphilly South Wales 


We are now registered microchippers or implanters with PetLog (sponsored by Kennel Club)

Pet Log Registration:-

Mrs Ruth Drew-Edwards        

Miss Rhiannon Drew-Edwards

Our Website for Microchipping Information

We will only micro chip smaller breeds of dogs when they are 8-12 weeks depending on size.

Dogs do sometimes bleed and cry and you should be aware of this before the procedure some breeds do have a blood clotting disorder and they would therefore be more likely to bleed


I have a son currently in the forces.  Fortunately not on the front line.  However, I would like to take the opportunity of encouraging anyone who visits my website to please give to the charity below.  Our service personnel are often overlooked and they do a marvellous job.  Please support them.

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